Custom Unisex Oakland Soul Second Kit ft. CircleCI

A wearable piece of art. The Oakland Soul SC First Kit is thoughtfully designed to embody the soul of Oakland through its unique features.

At first glance, the jersey's rich black canvas is subtly adorned with a hand-drawn flower pattern by the artwork of Oakland youth, a nod to the unfiltered imagination and vibrancy of Oakland’s youth. The sleeves offer a burst of color, showcasing a spirited tie-dye design with electric hues of neon blue, pink, and yellow, reminiscent of the iconic, carefree tie-dye vibes.

The Oakland Soul SC second kit embodies the vibrant spirit and cultural tapestry of Oakland’s Latin and Hispanic heritage. This exquisite piece is a tribute to the Fruitvale district, the beating heart of The Town’s Latino community, with its purple hue directly inspired by the colorful streets and rich elements that define the area's character.

Crafted with a sense of community and celebration, the jersey features dynamic yellow and white patterns that evoke the energy of Fruitvale's lively festivals and intricate art. These patterns, bursting forth in sunburst arrays and abstract forms, represent the area's enduring vibrancy and the flourishing creativity of its residents.

Designed to resonate with the soul of Oakland, this kit is not just a garment but a symbol of unity and pride. The badge at the heart of the jersey signifies a bond with the team and the community it represents. It’s more than just sportswear; it’s a piece of local legacy, a canvas where culture and community converge.

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Size Chest Across (in.) Length (in.) Sleeve Length (in.)
S 19.29 27.16 7.48
M 20.47 28.34 7.87
L 22.44 29.52 8.26
XL 24.40 30.70 8.66
XXL 26.77 32.28 9.25
XXXL 29.13 33.85 9.84
  • $115.00