Unisex Oakland Roots SC First Kit ft. Anthem Blue Cross

The 2024 Oakland Roots SC First Kit is styled with a black base color, overlaid with a striking mosaic of geometric shapes. This kaleidoscope of colored shapes symbolizes diversity and unity, reflecting the inclusive spirit of the club and its community.

The design suggests a sense of forward motion and growth, much like the vertical advancement the club aims to embody. The geometric shapes could be seen as building blocks, representing the foundational strength and structure of the club, each block a step in its upward journey. The overall aesthetic of the jersey is modern, bold, and energetic, aiming to resonate with fans and players alike and to make a statement both on and off the field.

DRY FACTOR is a functional material that ensures quick drying and moisture transportation to the outside, keeping you dry and fresh for hours. NANO GUARD eliminates odor-causing bacteria, while UV BLOCK provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

Charly brand ; 100% high quality polyester ; Ribbed V-neck collar ; Made in Mexico

Size Chest Across (in.) Length (in.) Sleeve Length (in.)
S 19.29 27.16 7.48
M 20.47 28.34 7.87
L 22.44 29.52 8.26
XL 24.40 30.70 8.66
XXL 26.77 32.28 9.25
XXXL 29.13 33.85 9.84
  • $95.00