Unisex Oakland Roots SC Second Kit ft. Anthem Blue Cross

The 2024 Oakland Roots SC Second Kit is a stylish and meaningful homage to the iconic Tribune Tower in Oakland, California, coinciding with its centennial celebration. The jersey employs a refined color palette directly inspired by the Tower's architectural hues, with a base of pale off-white complemented by accents in soft teal and warm copper tones, reminiscent of the patina and brickwork found on the historic building.

The design features a complex pattern of angular, geometric shapes in various shades of gray, subtly echoing the tower's faceted structure and the interplay of light and shadow on its surfaces. This mosaic of shapes not only represents the towering verticality of the Tribune Tower but also symbolizes the upward growth and ambition of the Oakland Roots club. The pattern is a visual metaphor for progress, with each shape building upon the other, much like the stories within the tower and the unfolding chapters of the club's history.

This jersey is more than a piece of sportswear; it's a tribute to the club's local heritage and a statement of its forward-looking vision.

DRY FACTOR is a functional material that ensures quick drying and moisture transportation to the outside, keeping you dry and fresh for hours. NANO GUARD eliminates odor-causing bacteria, while UV BLOCK provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

Charly brand ; 100% high quality polyester ; Ribbed V-neck collar ; Made in Mexico

Size Chest Across (in.) Length (in.) Sleeve Length (in.)
S 19.29 27.16 7.48
M 20.47 28.34 7.87
L 22.44 29.52 8.26
XL 24.40 30.70 8.66
XXL 26.77 32.28 9.25
XXXL 29.13 33.85 9.84
  • $95.00